One of the oldest and most influential cultures on earth, a history that goes back thousands of years, breathtaking landscapes, Greece offers a great deal of tours, personalizable and escorted by high standard official tour-guides who will share their knowledge and ‘contagious’ passion with you and show you the secrets of this fabulous country.

Welcome to Greece 8D

The perfect introduction the the hellenic civilization. A trip though 4.000 years of history including 6 UNESCO world heritage sites, diverse landscapes, a picturesque island as well as tastings of local products.

The Best of Greece 9D

From Athens to Thessaloniki, a panorama of mainland Greece and its long history. Attica, Peloponnese, Central Greece and Macedonia: regions with diverse landscapes and amazing sites like the majestic Meteora and the treasure of Vergina

Peloponnese 9D

The ‘Land of Legends’. A tour to an epic region full of history, mythology, sumptuous ancient shrines, Byzantium, crusades as well as modern history. But Peloponnese, where olive trees are all over the place is equally a land of contrasts between coast and mountainous mainland.

Macedonia 9D

From one end to the other , the nature, the people and the culture of Macedonia create a unique scenery. An interesting mosaic of influences and history so rich in images, smells, tastes and surprises. Thessaloniki the beautiful, Pella, Edessa’s waterfalls, the lake of Kastoria, Kavala the oriental, the famous saffron of Kozani… Endless experiences.

Attica 7D

Take the time to discover this area where Athens, one of the oldest cities on earth and birthplace of the western civilization, has its roots. Attica is not just Athens: its coast, its vines, its archaeological sites and museums will surprise you. Plus the little picturesque islands near Athens.

Thrace and the islands of Lemnos and Samothrace 9D

One of the lesser known parts of Greece, however important centre in Antiquity and home to the superb statue of the Victory of Samothrace. You will discover  Lemnos, the island of God Hephaistos and wine country since always. The island of Samothrace, pilgrimage center of ancient Greece second only to Delphi. Traditions: from Kavala’s tobacco to Soufli’s silk as well as many, many more secrets.

The island of Corfu & Epirus 8D

A tour of an amazing contrast. Corfu, the most cosmopolitan of the Ionian Islands famous for its palaces and sea of sapphire. And Epirus, land of high mountains and of a particular stone architecture, the most unspoiled region in Greece, with a millenia-long history.

Cyclades 8D

The most precious jewels of the Aegean Sea. A magical circle around formed around the sacred island of Delos, unique in the world. From your basis, the island of Paros, you will discover by daily excursions our selection of islands, each one with its own special charm: Paros, Delos, Mykonos, Naxos and Amorgos , scene to cult movie ‘The Big Blue’


Ionian Islands 9D

Emerald islands on a sea of sapphire. Live Ulysses' journey once again by discovering three homeric islands. Corfu, the island of the Phaeacians, one of the most cosmopolitan of the mediterranean waters. Ithaca, Ulysses’ homeland, mythical and immortal. An undiscovered treasure and a poet’s muse. Cephalonia, the homeric Sami, the biggest of all Ionian Islands and the most authentic.

North Aegean Islands 8D

The most undiscovered and off the beaten track Greece’s islands and yet full of charm , history and culture. Lesbos, homeland to poet Sappho, is a kaleidoscope with its magnificent harbour, its bourgeois homes and its vast olive groves. In Chios, renowned for its mastic gum, treasures abound including unique medieval villages. Samos, the island of goddess Hera and the philosopher Pythagora, home to the unique Samo sweet wine, invites you to uncover its myth.

Dodecanese Islands 8D

Gateway between East and West for centuries. The tracks of the peoples and the cultures that occupied them has marked the history of these islands indissolubly: Ionians, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, Ottomans and Italians. You’ll discover 4 islands of this archipelago: Rhodes, the biggest and the richest, Symi, a small gem, Patmos, important center of the christian world and Kos , home to Hippocrates.


Crete 8D

Greece’s biggest island, Crete, birthplace of Zeus and place of captivity of the Minotaur. Crete is a legendary island that enchants everyone by its cultural legacy and its breathtaking landscapes. Minoan civilization, exquisite orthodox monastery examples of the finest byzantine art and of course the cretan ‘art de vivre’

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After 20 years of experience in receptive, I decided to create my own agency and develop thoughtful, responsible and tailor-made tourism, a genuine ‘experience’, so that you discover all the faces of Greece. My constant thirst for new knowledge: cultural and linguistic interchange, socio-political, history and oenology, as well as my passion for my country, which I never stop to discover my self, allowed me to create original tours, special interest tours which are my favourite ones, and incentives.


Thanasis Laskaratos, founder of Hellenic Kosmos DMC