Special interest

Greece has so many faces to offer and our passion is to introduce them to you through thematic tours designed for ‘explorers’ in search of a specific subject. Over the years we have organized programmes based on a large variety of themes. But we love to create all the time new programmes according to the centre of interests of our clients, create unique moments and memorable encounters.

Thematic cultural tours

With more than 5000 years of history Greece can offer various theme trips for history lovers or research travellers. Our passion and deep knowledge of the country have permitted us to set up itineraries on different eras and subjects of research: antiquity ( Iliad and Odyssey), Byzantine Empire, the Frank Morea, ottoman period, contemporary history ….

Philosophy and ancient thought

«I know that I know nothing». How many more quotations of greek philosophers did shape modern thought? We propose itineraries through the different philosophical movements from 5th century BC to christian era. You’ll throw yourself into the heart of the thought of the greatest philosophers we all are heirs of.

Sociological and political tours

Greece has been very often in the news lately but what’s the true story behind the headlines?  Analysts, locals, campaigners from both sides will help you examine the real situation in all fields from a political, economic, social, historical, philosophical and geopolitical point of view and you will discover. Alternative districts of Athens are also on the list.


Ancient Greece is world famous for mastering perspective, fundamental part of the history of architecture. Crossroad of civilizations, modern Greece is a melting pot of architectural influences. The momentum goes on with new, innovative constructions such as the Acropolis museum , the New Opera House and the National Library.

Music and opera tours

Music has always been inextricably linked with greek culture from ancient times till present time. Greece can offer many thematics ranging from operatic , also on the occasion of the new opera house and festivals in open air ancient theatres, traditional and folk music, to the famous bouzouki. «If you want to know a people, listen to its music» Plato quotes.

Religious tours and pilgrimages

Religion and belief are everywhere in both mainland Greece and the islands. Christian faith has been expressed in multiple ways over the centuries: painted monasteries, churches & chapels of great religious and architectural importance. Follow the steps of St. Paul and discover amazing shrines and holy places.

Gastronomy and wine tours

Discover Greek flavours and the secrets of the local gastronomy! From innovative and starred restaurants of modern greek cuisine to traditional markets , typical grocery stores and local producers, every part of country is a small gastronomic paradise. And there are the awarded greek wines of historic vineyards and varietals as well as the traditional alcoholic beverages such as ouzo.

Agrarian tours

Mediterranean agriculture is unique because it is a mixture of bio-cultural activities and therefore it is the most popular of all types of agriculture. Greek agriculture is dominated by family-owned small farms scattered over a very diverse territory. It gives olive oil of excellent quality, wines, vegetables, citrus, cotton, cheese, meat (goat, lamb, beef), water buffaloes, poultry and fish in sea water. International demand for natural products grows constantly: honey, rose oil, saffron, almond milk..

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After 20 years of experience in receptive, I decided to create my own agency and develop thoughtful, responsible and tailor-made tourism, a genuine ‘experience’, so that you discover all the faces of Greece. My constant thirst for new knowledge: cultural and linguistic interchange, socio-political, history and oenology, as well as my passion for my country, which I never stop to discover my self, allowed me to create original tours, special interest tours which are my favourite ones, and incentives.


Thanasis Laskaratos, founder of Hellenic Kosmos DMC